Top e-learning services for free

Online learning platforms have always been in demand in the marketplace, but their popularity has multiplied with the pandemic. Now that a lot of schools and universities around the world hold classes remotely, everything must be conveniently located and organized to make classes more effective. Teachers are well aware of this, and so they try to choose an online learning platform that is as simple and reliable as possible. In this article, we will take a look at the best online learning platforms in 2021.

Google Classroom Review

The Google Classroom platform is the best known and most common solution for online classes, often in schools. And now, for all of a year and a half, it has been saving the day for teachers and students, helping them attend class in real-time and allowing them to leave tests, quizzes, homework, and various notes on its expanse.

What’s Google Classroom good for? The fact that to operate it provides standard tools office suite Google to which all have long been accustomed to, and therefore the interface will not cause difficulties nor the students or teachers. On the platform, you can work with tables and presentations, as well as and arrange a video or audio conferences. Plus the free online storage has enough volume to store the necessary materials. Google Classroom makes it easy for teachers with additional administrative tools.

Docebo Review

Docebo is an online learning platform where you can organize, track and distribute online courses for formal instruction. This platform appreciates the interactive form of learning, the employees or clients being trained can easily leave a question and be guaranteed to get an answer from the experts. In addition, trainees can even share their experience and knowledge in a certain field.

A dedicated Docebo Perform tool helps in the administrative management of the platform to help organizations fill their employee knowledge gaps as efficiently as possible. You can use it to assign training to specific employees in an area in which they are weak.

The program’s interface is very user-friendly and understandable and can be branded to match your company.

WizIQ Overview

WizIQ is a program director for educators who want to create their training programs or courses and train others. On this platform, you can hold online classes and even design them as mass public courses to recruit a group of interested students around the world.

But WizIQ can also be used for in-house training, allowing you to create training programs with both drop-in materials and online classes. The platform’s lesson organization capabilities ensure that your lessons look as professional as possible. Classes can even be conducted from mobile devices, which is a definite plus.

Adobe Captivate Overview

It would be strange if Adobe provided everything but a platform for online learning. Therefore, there is Adobe Captivate in the world, which provides a platform for enterprise learning, which helps to make the learning process as easy and smooth as possible. According to Adobe developers, courses can be created in an hour and a half. You will also find help with training videos in the platform itself, constant contact with the support, and a guide on the Internet.

The platform also has built-in automation features that greatly simplify your work and assign training plans, create reports, and sync users on their own.

When your course is inactive action, you can follow all the progress and improvements of the participants. Additional nice qualities of Adobe Captivate are:

  • Simple interface
  • Periodic certification function
  • Settings for the individual learning process
  • Gamification tools (leaderboards, tables, and achievements)